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United Aviation Services

United Aviation Services has been established as an independent Aviation Services Company as well as a General Sales Agent with over 10 years of experience in the world of aviation, travel and cargo services. In general the objectives of the company are to represent and provide a wide range of support services to scheduled as well as non-scheduled airlines in both the passenger and cargo markets in Europe. Our company has been established in the field of representing high profile airlines, with coverage of all segments of the market. The provision of services has not been limited to sales alone.

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United Visa Services

United Visa Services is the local partner and service provider for VFS TasHeel in the Netherlands & Sweden. United Visa Services is specialized in handling visa services, legalizations and travel essentials.  

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Makkah Hajj & Umrah Services MISHKAAT

Makkah Hajj & Umrah Services is specialized in Umrah and Hajj packages. Umrah will be one of the most cherished experiences of your lifetime. At Mishkaat, we honour the sentiment behind your pilgrimage and go beyond being just arranging your travel. We help you discover the true meaning of Umrah, immerse yourself in Islamic history and through this, discover yourself. We help you understand the rituals of Umrah and its significance so you are one with the land. At the same time, we look after your every need and ensure that while you are absorbed in Umrah, your travel experience is the best you could have. Through door-to-door service, transportation and facilities. All in all, we help you understand the essence of Umrah so that your journey to Makkah becomes a journey of the soul.  


United Medical Services GLOSANTE

When you travel to other countries, you need  to comply with various medical check-ups and vaccination requirements. This is specially so when applying visa to travel to Saudi Arabia. If you are planning for a Hajj or Umrah pilgrim tour to Saudi Arabia, then you will need to comply with a series of health check-ups and vaccinations in order to be allowed to take part in the pilgrim. Due to the large number of participants in Hajj or Umrah, and the risk of epidemic situations of various infectious diseases, the Saudi Health authorities are extremely stringent on compliance of health requirements. In order to assist our clients, United Brothers provide an exclusive medical center with a designated doctor who is well versed in the required health check-ups and vaccination requirements for traveling to Saudi Arabia. Every year, the Health ministry issues an updated version of the Hajj and Umrah Health Requirements and the doctors at our medical center are up to date with these health requirements. With the professional medical support from our medical center, securing of entry visa for pilgrim sites can be a hassle free task.  

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2 Makkah

This website is one of our latest and innovative ventures, established with the objective of providing unparalleled customer benefits in terms of hotel bookings for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims to Makkah and Madinah. 2Makkah web application will make hotel bookings at cheaper prices extremely simple and easy.  

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